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X-Rays of Stuck and Pierced Objects

Category: Amazing world

That is the fork he pulled out.6 nails in a man’s head, after an industrial accident.A bullet lodged, right between the eyes.Swallowed the pair of scissors shown in the bottom of the picture.Yep, that’s a coke bottle up someones backside.That is a kitchen faucet in a boys eye socket.This is that boy.This man in Australia was murdered with a nail gun; 30 nails in all.Nail through the hand.A knife right in the head. As far as I know, he survived.That is a can of hairspray in a Romanian woman’s butt. How it got there? Dunno.This woman was jogging, when she fell on her Eiffel Tower key chain.This little boy swallowed a soda bottle lid.Keys in the face.Not entirely sure what has pierced this skull.An 18 inch drill bit.



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