2 Million Flee Ukraine for Poland

As the war in Ukraine continues, more and more people are fleeing the country. In fact, over 2 million people have fled to Poland since Russia’s attack started. That’s a lot of people who are now displaced and need help. Thankfully, Poland has been able to provide assistance to many of them. But the war is far from over and it’s unclear how long this displacement will last.

Poland’s open-door policy

Poland has become a destination for millions of Ukrainians fleeing the war. While Polish officials have been struggling to register and help all the people arriving in the country, they have also been working to allow them access to the labor market and to health and social benefits. As a result, many Ukrainians have been able to find work in Poland and to provide for their families. In addition, the Polish government has been providing financial assistance to Ukraine in order to help it cope with the influx of refugees. As the war in Ukraine continues, it is likely that more Ukrainians will seek refuge in Poland.

For refugees from Ukraine who have made their way to Poland, the most important word these days is “PESEL.” PESEL stands for the Polish national identity number, and it is required in order to access a number of vital services that have been promised by Poland’s government. These services include the ability to stay in the country for up to 180 days, as well as access to the labor market, health care system, and social benefits.

Consequently, a PESEL number is essential for any refugee who wants to make a new life in Poland. The registration center for PESEL applications is located at the National Stadium in Warsaw, and it was opened to the public on Friday evening. Despite the fact that it was only open for one day, long lines had already formed outside of the building by Friday evening. Those who were waiting were given hot tea to drink from flasks in order to stay warm. The PESEL registration process is just one more hurdle that refugees must overcome in their quest for a better life. However, it is also an essential step in that journey.

Poland has been praised for its handling of the refugee crisis, and its open-door policy has been a source of hope for many Ukrainians. The war in Ukraine is far from over, but as long as countries like Poland are willing to provide assistance, there is reason to believe that the future will be brighter for those who have been affected by the conflict.