$503 Million Contract Extension for the KC Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

Many young athletes think about the joys of going pro one day. The odds are against anyone starting right now to play professionally in their sport, but the payday is one reason to pursue those dreams.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is evidence of what it can mean to have a dream come true. He recently signed a $503 million contract extension to continue playing in the NFL.

How can you achieve your dreams of becoming a professional athlete one day? The journey begins when you start taking care of your health. Products from brands like Carlson Labs, Jarrow Formulas, and Vital Proteins can help you customize the health and wellness foundation needed to perform at an elite level.

Once you take care of the fuel your body needs, you’ll want to follow these additional steps.

How to Become a Professional Athlete

Develop Your Soft Skills

Professional athletes need superior skills in concentration, decision making, physical stamina, and hand-eye coordination. Anyone with the right training can physically perform the movements and complete the expectations of their sport. Enhancing these qualities ensures that you can access the natural talents you have in that area.

Work on Your Interpersonal Skills

Most professional athletes work as a member of a team. That means you must develop your interpersonal skills so that it is possible to be successful with all personality types. You don’t need to be best friends with everyone, but you must find a way to be around them without generating conflict.

Get Ready for the Scheduling Problems

Most professional athletes work when the general public is available to watch. That means you’ll have lots of games or competitions on the weekends and holidays. You have the expectation to train on the days when you don’t compete. Most sports operate for 7-9 months during the year, with some being a year-round affair.

You Must Focus on Discipline

Most professional athletes don’t get rich, famous, or play a lot. The average salary in 2016 was less than $50,000 per year. Your focus on discipline ensures that you can enjoy competing and working in an area that you love. It’s more of a lifestyle than a career.

Anyone can become a professional athlete when the drive to excel is present. You may not get $503 million like Patrick Mahomes, but there will still be fun stories to tell to your family once your career is over.