600 Million Pounds of Candy Bought During Halloween

Halloween is a favorite holiday for many because of how much candy gets exchanged. When you come home with a massive haul, your loot can last until Christmas!

And yes, that fact remains true even with the parent tax in place.

The issue that many people have with Halloween candy is the size of the treat with the calories it provides. You can contribute significant additions to your daily eating habits with only 3-4 pieces.

If you have four fun-size candy bars, you’re averaging 90 calories per serving. That means you’ve added 360 calories to your diet. When other changes don’t get made to offset that amount, it doesn’t take long to start gaining a little weight.

Even the best products from Thorne Research and Vital Naturals cannot offset those gains. 

How to Offset the Candy Binge Each Year

When all of that candy comes into the house, it feels like forbidden fruit. Although it seems contrary to what you hope to accomplish, it is better to give yourself permission to eat those treats than to deprive yourself.

If candy feels like forbidden fruit, you’re more likely to binge on it.

You can follow these additional steps to reduce the temptation even more.

Stop the Constant Self-Criticism

If you blame yourself for lacking control, more stress comes into your life. For many people, the primary coping skill involves eating comfort foods, which leads to more candy consumption. Instead of trying to be ultra-restrictive or harsh with your choices, permit yourself to enjoy those fun-size bars within reason.

Eat What You Want, Whenever You Want

When you allow yourself to eat anything, it is easier to second-guess your choices. It is easier to reject candy because there might be something healthier available. Those cravings might disappear as quickly as they formed.

Stop Saving Up to Fill Up Later

Talking yourself into a deal to binge on your cheat day isn’t going to make more room. You won’t compensate by skipping meals or working out longer These trades are still artificial restrictions that you put on your behavior.

Don’t let the candy be forbidden fruit. When you accept its presence and your ability to eat it, the temptations aren’t as strong.