Kilted Scot and Dog Trek 5,000 Miles Across Canada for Charity

A kilted Scot along with his canine has walked across Canada from the Pacific to the Atlantic and has succeeded in raising over £40,000 intended for a Highland rewilding charity.

This person, named Michael Yellowlees and whose age is 32 years, started with Luna, his Alaskan husky, on 1st March on the journey comprising of 5,000 miles and took in excess of 9 months to complete. Its main objective was to raise funds for Trees for Life. 

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, along with the deputy First Minister of Scotland named John Swinney praised this new venture of Yellowlees.

A large number of well-wishers assembled at the Cape Spear Lighthouse located in Newfoundland for welcoming Michael who had been dressed in a traditional kilt at the conclusion of his journey.

The Prime Minister gave his best wishes to Michael because of successfully completing his unbelievable walk across Canada. He also added that Michael selected Canada for this particular quest because of the fact that lots of Scots who had departed from Scotland generations earlier, settled in Canada, and contributed to the prosperity of the country to a great extent. He liked the idea of thanking Michael for his motivational adventure in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Incidentally, Michael has already traveled to Canada in the year 2020 and has Canadian roots as well. However, everything did not go well since his dog vanished into the wilderness for approximately one week. Fortunately, Michael got reunited with his pooch in the long run. Apart from this unfortunate incident, the journey across Canada had been quite interesting for both of them. Michael has also praised Canada for its abundance of wildlife and woodland.

Yellowlees also declared that he was quite tired after the journey and was planning to take a rest of at least 2 weeks before doing anything else.

Over $280 Billion Spent in Ottawa on COVID-19 Fight

The total spending from the Trudeau administration to fight COVID-19 in Canada is staggering. CBC News investigations found that the levels are unprecedented, averaging about $952 million per day.

That figure includes about $240 billion in transfers and payments to government entities, organizations, businesses, and individuals starting at the first lockdowns that happened on March 13, 2020.

Over 100 measures are responsible for this spending, with most of them created from scratch as a response to the pandemic.

The figures are easily available from the government, but the taxpayers don’t know who is getting most of the funds. That’s why the public is starting to push back against Trudeau’s handling of the COVID issue.

The Total Could Rise to $322.3 Billion for All of 2020

The final spending figures for the COVID fight aren’t expected until the middle of 2021. Early estimates suggest that the government could reach over $320 billion in new spending from the previous fiscal year. 

That means there isn’t a way to budget governmental needs because it is unknown what the public and private sectors will need. Although the COVID vaccine results look promising, the final groups might not get their shots until late in the year.

CBC News tracked over $105 billion sent to individuals as part of the study. They also took a look at the $81 billion sent to the CERB – the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit. It provides $2,000 monthly payments to qualified Canadians who are unable to work.

In comparison, only $9 billion was spent during the pandemic on youth employment and skills development. Just $6.11 billion went to PPE purchases.

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