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4th COVID Vaccine Being Readied for Seniors

A new COVID vaccine is being readied for seniors, as the topological data analysis from the previous three vaccines shows that they are at a higher risk for contracting the disease. This new vaccine will be available in the coming weeks and will help protect seniors from the virus.

The vaccine is designed to protect against the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19. The vaccine is currently being trialed on seniors and those with weakened immune systems, as they are considered to be at highest risk for developing serious complications from the disease. The trial will assess the safety and efficacy of the vaccine in this population, and will help to determine whether it should be approved for general use. If the vaccine is found to be safe and effective, it could be a vital tool in protecting vulnerable populations from COVID-19.

All three other vaccines are available to people aged 18 years and above. However, the new vaccine is specifically designed for seniors, as they are at a higher risk for contracting the disease. This new vaccine will help protect seniors from the virus.

The other three vaccines available are:

  • The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
  • The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
  • The Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine

Benefits of Getting This Fourth Vaccine for Seniors Citizens 

Seniors are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to contracting COVID-19. According to the CDC, people aged 65 years and above are at a higher risk for severe illness from the virus. This is why it’s important for seniors to get the new vaccine, as it will help protect them from the virus.

Risks Associated With Getting Fourth Covid Vaccine Injection

There are always risks associated with getting any vaccine, including the new COVID vaccine. The most common side effects from the vaccine include pain and swelling at the injection site, fever, body aches, and fatigue. These side effects are usually mild and go away on their own within a few days.

Seniors should talk to their healthcare provider if they have any concerns about the vaccine. It’s always important to weigh the risks and benefits of any vaccine before getting it. Seniors should talk to their healthcare provider to learn more about the new COVID vaccine and whether or not it’s right for them.

How Seniors Citizens Can Get Access to New Vaccine 

The new vaccine will be available in the coming weeks. Seniors can talk to their healthcare provider to see if they are eligible for the vaccine. Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the country or state seniors live in.

Seniors should talk to their healthcare provider to learn more about the new COVID vaccine and how to get it. They can also visit their country or state’s website to learn more about the vaccine and how to get it. Seniors should get the new vaccine when it becomes available to help protect them from COVID-19.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of covid-19, and as such, it is vital that they receive the vaccine as soon as possible. The vaccine will help to protect them from becoming infected with the virus, and if they do contract it, the severity of their symptoms will be greatly reduced. In addition, getting vaccinated will help to reduce the spread of the virus among the elderly population. With so much at stake, it is essential that seniors get vaccinated as soon as possible. Senior citizens can receive the vaccine at their local doctor’s office, pharmacy, or hospital. They should also make sure to stay up-to-date on the latest information about the disease and how to protect themselves from it. By taking these simple steps, seniors can help to ensure their own health and safety and that of those around them.

37 Million Locked Down in China Among COVID Outbreak

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe, China is once again facing a surge in cases. This time, however, the situation is far more dire. The outbreak has spread far faster than previous waves of less infectious variants, with daily cases skyrocketing from a few dozen in February to more than 5,100 on Tuesday — the highest figure since the early 2020 outbreak in Wuhan. This quick spread is due in part to the fact that this new variant is far more infectious than other strains.

As a result, tens of millions of people are now living under lockdown in an attempt to contain the virus. The Chinese government has implemented a strict zero-Covid policy throughout the pandemic, but this recent outbreak has challenged that policy. With cases continuing to rise, it remains to be seen how long China will be able to keep the virus contained.

As of Tuesday, cases in 21 provinces and municipalities have been confirmed, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The number of infected people is still in the thousands, but 37 million people are under lockdown. The Chinese government has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of the virus, including quarantining entire cities and suspending public transportation. These measures have been effective in slowing the spread of the virus, but they have also caused widespread economic disruption. Many businesses have been forced to close, and millions of people have been left stranded away from their homes. The situation is still unfolding, but it is clear that the outbreak is having a major impact on China and the world.

Measures being taken to contain the virus

The Chinese government is taking a number of measures to try to contain the virus. They have quarantined entire cities, suspended public transportation, and closed businesses. These measures have been effective in slowing the spread of the virus, but they have also caused widespread economic disruption. Many businesses have been forced to close, and millions of people have been left stranded away from their homes. The situation is still unfolding, but it is clear that the outbreak is having a major impact on China and the world.

The lockdown has been hard on people living in affected areas. Many have been forced to stay home for days or even weeks at a time, with only limited access to food and other supplies. The situation is made even worse by the fact that many people are unable to work from home and are facing financial hardship as a result. This is likely to have a long-term impact on the economy, as well as on people’s health and wellbeing.

The Chinese government has also been working hard to provide health care for those who have been infected. Hospitals in affected areas are being overwhelmed, but the government is providing additional support. They have also been working to develop a vaccine for the virus, and they expect to have it ready for use by the end of the year.

The outbreak is still unfolding, and it remains to be seen how long China will be able to keep the virus contained. However, the measures that have been taken so far have had a major impact on the country and the world.

How to stay healthy amidst the virus outbreak

The best way to protect yourself from the virus is to practice good hygiene and social distancing. This means washing your hands regularly, avoiding close contact with others, and wearing a mask when you are in public. You should also avoid travel if possible, and if you must travel, make sure to take all necessary precautions.

If you are in an affected area, it is important to follow the instructions of the local authorities. This includes staying at home if you can, and only going out for essential activities. You should also avoid close contact with others, and wear a mask when you are in public. If you develop symptoms of the virus, it is important to seek medical help immediately.

You can take supplements to keep a healthy immune response and help your body fight off the virus. Vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry are all good options. For optimum health restoration and preservation, you should also make sure to get plenty of rest and stay hydrated.

The outbreak is still unfolding, and it remains to be seen how long China will be able to keep the virus contained. However, the measures that have been taken so far have had a major impact on the country and the world. In the meantime, it is important to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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62,000 Los Angeles Students and Staff Tested Positive for COVID

According to a new report, over 62,000 students and staff members at Los Angeles schools have tested positive for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

The report, released by the LA Unified School District, says that the number of positive cases has increased steadily since November, when schools reopened for in-person learning. Along with the established COVID-19 protocols, Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver for immune health was among the prescribed supplements recommended in an effort to keep the virus at bay.

Despite the increase in cases, LAUSD superintendent Austin Beutner said that schools are still safe places for students and staff. “Our teachers, principals and support staff have worked tirelessly to implement health and safety protocols,” he said in a statement. “The data continues to show that schools are safe and that the spread of COVID-19 is largely happening outside of school campuses.”

Still, the rise in cases is concerning, and it’s unclear how much longer schools will be able to stay open. For now, LAUSD says it will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions on a case-by-case basis. Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver may be used again in an effort to keep the virus at bay.

The school district has been working hard to provide information and resources to families affected by this news.

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver for Immune Health

Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver is a natural silver supplement that can be taken daily to help boost your immune system. It’s made from silver particles that are small enough to be absorbed by your cells, which makes it more effective than other forms of silver.

Silver has been used for centuries to treat infections and heal wounds. It’s even been shown to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver was created with the intention of providing a safe and effective way to boost your immune system and fight off infection.

Stay safe from COVID-19

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. First and foremost, wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and stay home if you are feeling ill. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing. Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched.

And finally, take Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver daily to help boost your immune system!

6 Million Britons Eligible for COVID Vaccine Aren’t Getting Them

The number of people who have not been vaccinated is surprising. Recently, the authorities have confirmed quite a few cases of the Omicron Covid-19 variant in the UK. Approximately 80% of individuals aged 12 years or more had received 2 coronavirus vaccine doses across the UK as of December 4. This implies that approximately 6 million eligible individuals have not received vaccination yet in the country. Here, we will see who those people are.

Young people

It has been revealed by studies that it is mainly the young generation who have not been fully fascinated in England and Scotland. Approximately 33% of the English individuals aged between 18 years and 24 years have not received a double dose right now, which falls to 30% of individuals aged between 25 years and 29 years. As per Guardian analysis, Scotland has succeeded more in providing vaccines to young people. Approximately 67% of individuals aged 18 years or less have received the first dose in Scotland, unlike England where the number is just 53%.

Older individuals

There are nevertheless significant disparities in the uptake of vaccination at a local level amongst the older age groups. In Westminster, just 68% of the population more than 60 years of age have been fully vaccinated, which happens to be the lowest in the nation. As a matter of fact, London is lagging behind most of the other locations when it comes to vaccination coverage.

Asian and black people

There is a variation in vaccination rates by ethnicity as well and disparities are perceptible amongst the older age groups in particular. About 20% of black people whose age is more than 80 years remain unvaccinated. In contrast, almost all white individuals aged more than 80 years have received vaccination while approximately 10% of the South Asian individuals within the same age range haven’t received vaccination yet.

According to the most recent information, it has been shown that approximately 60% of the total population of the UK whose age is more than 40 years have received a 3rd vaccination right now.

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COVID Deaths Surpass Five Million Globally

COVID-19 is a diseased caused by a coronavirus with the designation SARS-CoV-2. The original virus affected older adults and people with underlying medical conditions more than others, but variants like Delta and Omicron changed the profile of who gets infected.

When all the variants are considered, more than 266 million positive cases have been confirmed since data tracking began in 2020. That figure includes 5.26 million people who passed away from this virus.

Although the reported numbers from some countries are considered questionable, the 49 million cases and 787,000 deaths in the United States lead the world.

Brazil has fewer reported cases than India, but the country has about 150,000 more deaths.

Why Are People Still Dying from COVID Infections?

Three massive infection spikes of COVID-19 have so far impacted the world. A few regions are experiencing their fifth and sixth waves of the virus.

In Texas, about 40% of the deaths reported in the summer of 2021 were people under the age of 60. Many of these middle-aged adults expressed regret about not getting the vaccine right before they were put on a ventilator – and their lives slipped away. 

Even though tens of thousands of COVID vaccines get distributed in arms each day, highly contagious variants spread quickly worldwide. Although breakthrough infections are possible, the data from Texas shows the importance of this tool against the virus.

Of nearly 19,000 total COVID deaths attributed to the coronavirus, only 119 of the people were fully vaccinated. The other reason why fatality rates are high is that many people have underlying conditions that contribute to additional negative health impacts.

If you’re reading this, there’s still time to protect yourself. Don’t become another statistic.

$29 Billion in Total Sales Expected for Pfizer Vaccine

Although COVID vaccinations have fallen short of goals, Pfizer announced in late 2021 that they expect COVID-19 vaccine sales to reach $65 billion or more through the end of the 2022 fiscal year. That figure represents an expected $29 billion in 2022, which is higher than what analysts expected from the efforts.

The American-based drugmaker created its COVID shot with the help of German partner BioNTech SE.

Pfizer says it’s looking to keep making deals for the vaccine with other countries, which could drive sales much higher than expected. The company announced that it expects to make up to four billion doses.

The sales figures are based on the revenues for 1.7 billion doses being sold. 

How Are the Other Vaccines Faring in Sales?

Moderna reached the market after Pfizer with its COVID vaccine. Although sales have been strong for it, the drugmaker struggled to ramp up production as much as its competitor. Sales in 2021 were revised to be as low as $15 billion, which is about half of what Pfizer was able to achieve.

During the first nine months of 2021, Johnson and Johnson earned just $766 million in revenues from its vaccine. The company announced that it expects several contracts to be fulfilled during the fiscal year’s fourth quarter, which should boost total sales to about $2.5 billion.

AstraZeneca is started to profit from its sales of the COVID vaccine they developed for distribution. The company earned about three times as much as J&J in 2021, with total sales expected to reach $9.74 billion across all its product lines. Vaccine sales reached nearly $2.2 billion. 

If you haven’t gotten your shot yet, experts recommend that you should as more variants emerge. You can also potentially boost immune system strength with Host Defense.

7-Day COVID Average Exceeds 2020 Summer Peak

You’ve done everything right when dealing with COVID. When it was time to isolate, you took care of things without complaining. You are wearing your mask, getting vaccinated, and eating right.

You might even be using products from Core Med Science, like Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Glutathione to boost your immune system.

Despite all those efforts, the Delta variant caused a higher 7-day COVID average in 2021 than we experienced during the summer peak in 2020.

Figures Topped 72,790 Cases Per Day in August 2021

At the height of the 2020 pandemic months, the United States averaged about 69,000 new cases per day. In 2021, that number rose to almost 73,000 cases.

Although the daily average quickly dropped from 72,790 to 68,326 in the rolling average, the peak number shows how problematic the Delta variant is for the unvaccinated population. 

Johns Hopkins disagrees with the data, showing that the seven-day average rose to nearly 80,000 in August.

What is even more remarkable about the numbers is that Texas and Florida were responsible for one-third of the new cases. 

High Case Numbers Create Few Open ICU Beds

The United States has about 80,000 staffed ICU beds in hospitals around the country. Although the spikes in COVID cases have caused local or regional shortages, the overall availability has remained relatively consistent since August 2020.

The majority of ICU beds are occupied by non-COVID patients.

Although a spike in January 2021 and another in September altered the ratio, the national availability was still viable.

What does that mean for someone who is sick? They’ll need to go elsewhere if every ICU bed is occupied. In a life-threatening situation, there might not be time to get that individual care.

That’s why it is up to all of us to do our part to stay safe and healthy. 

COVID Vaccination Rate Falls Short of July 4th Goal

In the opening days of President Joe Biden’s administration, he set a goal of having a 70% vaccination rate for eligible people before the Independence Day holiday in the United States. The country ended up falling just short of that goal, reaching 67% by July 4th.

Although the three percentage points aren’t that far off the desired number, they could have been reached or exceeded. The U.S. South has staggering low vaccination statistics, even with the Delta variant surge that happened during the summer.

Alabama had only 34% of its population fully vaccinated by the end of July. Arkansas wasn’t much better at 36%, while Louisiana had its figures at 37%.

The Delta Variant Caused a Surge of Vaccination Requests

When the Delta variant surges through the U.S. South, it became apparent that the most vulnerable people were those who hadn’t been vaccinated.

Over 90% of the registered infections came from those who hadn’t gotten a COVID shot or hadn’t completed their series. The percentage of hospitalizations was even higher.

Getting the word out about how transmissible the Delta variant is compared to the original coronavirus infections helped to push vaccination rates above 100% over the previous month. 

When all Americans are accounted for in every age group, about 50% were fully vaccinated by the end of July. 

Biden’s goal could have been reached if states like Wyoming, Idaho, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama had hit 50% instead of being under 40%. For now, the best option we have is to wear a mask, stay socially distant, and stay healthy.

For some people, products like Neurobiologix and Quicksilver Scientific can work to potentially give their immune systems an extra boost to reach that goal. 

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15 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Ruined After Ingredient Mix-up

Although the United States exceeded its vaccination goals since February 2021, the outcome hasn’t been flawless. A factory mix-up ruined up to 15 million doses of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine when a subcontractor mixed the ingredients from it with the AstraZeneca product.

Since the AstraZeneca vaccine is not available for distribution in the United States, the product was not usable.

The plant is run by Emergent BioSolutions, which partners with both single-shot producers. Regulators attributed the issue to human error, causing Johnson & Johnson to step up quality control procedures at the facility.

One Shot Speeds Up the Immunity Process in the United States

Although the two-shot vaccines for COVID-19 came out first, the Johnson & Johnson product receives a lot of credit for speeding along the immunity-building process in the United States. Once someone gets this shot, they’re considered immune after two weeks.

The setback was a major embarrassment for both companies involved in vaccine production. It would soon be followed by revelations that a rare side effect of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine involves blood clots that can appear three weeks after it gets administered.

To make up for the gap in vaccination opportunities, Pfizer started shipping its doses early. Moderna requested approval to send vials with 15 shots instead of ten to bolster the stock even further.

None of the tainted doses ever left the production facility. The mishap was reported to regulators immediately, and steps are in place to prevent future lapses.

The error has not affected any of the already delivered Johnson & Johnson doses. Additional deliveries from the Baltimore facility continue to remain in question.

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Box Office Has Signs of Life After $300 Million Haul for Godzilla vs. Kong

Movie theaters experienced challenging times during the pandemic. With government restrictions often requiring them to close, 2020 was a year that lost billions for the industry. Companies like Warner Brothers and Disney decided to push new releases straight to the home to generate some momentum.

Godzilla vs. Kong is the first movie to change the pandemic box office. Although it released to streaming on HBO Max, the film still managed to top $300 million during the first week of April in total receipts.

It’s already passed its previous movies, thanks to the impressive returns coming from the Chinese market. About 80% of the revenues generated came from outside of North America.

Why Are Movies Struggling During the Recovery?

Movie theaters are at a crisis point because studios are delaying their blockbuster films. The industry was pinning its hopes on titles like Black Widow, No Time to Die, and Wonder Woman 1984, but none of those films reached their intended targets – or they haven’t been released at all.

We’re also a long way from normalcy when thinking about a visit to the movie theater. Some regions have 25% caps set for seating, which means it’s impossible to maximize revenues for that space. Even when people want to visit, a mask is always required (except for eating).

Do you want to munch on some popcorn with the threat of COVID-19 still lurking?

It doesn’t help that the industry and the government point fingers at each other while everyone blames the virus. Although the recent box office is more encouraging since only five titles went higher than $100 million in 2020 domestically, it’s only the first step. All it would take is another surge to create even more problems.

What can we do to support this positive trend? We’ll get back to normal when vaccines get distributed and healthy living habits continue. That means now is the perfect time to consider how Jarrow Formulas and Argentyn 23 could help your immune system.