COVID Deaths Surpass Five Million Globally

COVID-19 is a diseased caused by a coronavirus with the designation SARS-CoV-2. The original virus affected older adults and people with underlying medical conditions more than others, but variants like Delta and Omicron changed the profile of who gets infected.

When all the variants are considered, more than 266 million positive cases have been confirmed since data tracking began in 2020. That figure includes 5.26 million people who passed away from this virus.

Although the reported numbers from some countries are considered questionable, the 49 million cases and 787,000 deaths in the United States lead the world.

Brazil has fewer reported cases than India, but the country has about 150,000 more deaths.

Why Are People Still Dying from COVID Infections?

Three massive infection spikes of COVID-19 have so far impacted the world. A few regions are experiencing their fifth and sixth waves of the virus.

In Texas, about 40% of the deaths reported in the summer of 2021 were people under the age of 60. Many of these middle-aged adults expressed regret about not getting the vaccine right before they were put on a ventilator – and their lives slipped away. 

Even though tens of thousands of COVID vaccines get distributed in arms each day, highly contagious variants spread quickly worldwide. Although breakthrough infections are possible, the data from Texas shows the importance of this tool against the virus.

Of nearly 19,000 total COVID deaths attributed to the coronavirus, only 119 of the people were fully vaccinated. The other reason why fatality rates are high is that many people have underlying conditions that contribute to additional negative health impacts.

If you’re reading this, there’s still time to protect yourself. Don’t become another statistic.