Two Million American Teens Still Use E-Cigarettes

A national survey found that two million teens in the U.S. continue to use e-cigarettes. About 25% of them are vaping daily. 

Since many high school and middle school students stayed home in 2020 because of the pandemic, it was much easier for them to find and use those devices.

For that reason, some critics suggest the data is comparable to previous years. The fact that youth choose these unsafe products at their age is still a dangerous behavior we must address.

85% of Students Say They Use Flavored Vapes

Anti-tobacco groups have pressed the Food and Drug Administration to ban all flavored vaping products. 

Many teens and adolescents say they prefer the mint, fruit, and candy flavors when they choose to vape. About 85% of students who admitted to this behavior noted that those items were their preferred products.

What makes matters worse in this area is that Puff Bar, which is the preferred brand for young users, says it will manufacture its products with synthetic nicotine. The goal of that choice is to avoid government oversight.

Although most officials agree that vaping and smoking are at least equally bad for teens and youth, the FDA continues to delay its decision on how to regulate those products. E-cigarettes have never been given an official green light, yet they’ve been sold for years. It wasn’t until 2016 when they even came under regulation. Inhaling particles and vapors foreign to the respiratory system is a cause for concern.

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