The Most Played Instruments by Age in the United States

Music has been regarded by a vast majority of people as a gift. This is because, it can be used to make someone happy, lift a person’s mood, fend off bad feelings, and most particularly, to entertain. This has made many people in the United States embrace the gift of music. 

There are varieties of instruments that have been used in the United States. In this article, we will talk about the instruments that are mostly played by age in the US.

Popular and most played instruments in the United States


The guitar is one of the many popular, most beautiful, and most played instruments in the United States and all over the world. It is being used to make different types of lovely music. One thing that makes this particular musical instrument outstanding and loved by a majority of people is because a person playing it can easily change its sound to fit many different styles, and this depends on the way he plays it.

This is one of the major reasons why the guitar is widely appreciated by almost everybody and is also perfect for any kind of song. Out of every music that is being made in the United States, the guitar is used in almost 85 – 90% of them. New guitars and quality vintage guitars are about the same price today, either being a great option to start learning the instrument.


This is another musical instrument that has often been played in the US long ago, even until this present time. The piano is an instrument that is so easy to play, and because of how difficult it is, you may probably begin to think that it is meant to be played by just a few numbers of people and that it requires great talent and needs to be played by people that can be able to master it very quickly.

Well, this thought is wrong. Anyone who is determined can learn to make lovely music with it. Because of the amazing and beautiful sound that the piano makes and the awesome effect of changing songs that it has, numerous people in the US have consistently practiced hard so that they can play the instrument with beauty and precision. Many in the United States have enjoyed listening and making music with this gorgeous instrument. Yamaha and Steinway & Sons are the two most popular brands out there.


We cannot claim this one to be a perfect instrument. If you mistakenly do something wrong, the violin will give you a horrifying sound. But, by the time you begin to play it in the right way, you will be blessed with magical sounds and a lovely effect on anyone listening to it. The sound it produces is smooth and easy to listen to, and this is what makes many people use the violin to create music.


This is also among the most played instruments in the United States. By the time you just hear a sound that it produces, you will be tempted to keep listening. Because of the mesmerizing melodies and unique sound that comes out of it, you will always be hungry to listen when it is being played. Many people in the US love to make music with this astonishing instrument because of its gorgeous and bone-chilling sound.


Fabulous is a word that can be used to describe this instrument. It is capable of making sounds that put you in the dancing spirit, and then make you sit down, meditate, and cry. The clarinet is just awesome.

Many other instruments are being played in the US, but these are the most prevalent. If you’re looking for an instrument for you or a child to learn, consider one of these!