Using the Internet Consumes 10% of Global Energy Production

The Internet requires a significant amount of energy to operate. Did you know that the data centers for it already have the same carbon dioxide footprint as global air travel?

About 10% of our energy goes to using the Internet. Although numerous online companies are focusing on renewable power, the amount we use has risen by over 20% since 2012.

We are connecting so many people and communities that the carbon emissions from the Internet could be more than any other country except for China, the United States, and India by the year 2025. With a greater number of internet connections being made available, these numbers are unlikely to drop anytime soon.

How to Be Energy Efficient When Online

Streaming movies, playing video games, or establishing an online business has a detrimental effect on the environment. We must be careful about where we get our power and how it gets used to maximize efficiencies when online.

These ideas can help to reduce your footprint while enjoying a night in with friends, family, or your own company.

1. Don’t Waste Energy.

Turn off your router at night if you don’t need to use it. When you leave the house, flip the switch. 

2. Make Your Batteries Last Longer.

Did you know that a battery kept at 100% for most of its life has a shorter lifecycle than one held at half-capacity? When you manage your laptops, smartphones, and computers to maximize their energy use, it can help you to lose fewer fossil fuels.

3. Recycle Your Older Electronics.

Don’t throw away the older devices that no longer access the Internet. Send them to an e-recycler so that the components can be appropriately salvaged.

4. Consider Other Activities.

Streaming a movie can be a lot of fun, but there are other ways to spend time with others that have less of an impact on the environment. You could take a walk, play a board game, or enjoy an evening occupied by a favorite book.

5. Switch Off Your Smart Appliances

The Internet of Things has helped us all to find more efficiencies in our homes. The appliances also stay connected to a power source all night, using energy to maintain their status. Turning them off at the switch can reduce your consumption levels.

The Internet changed how we interact with each other. It creates numerous business opportunities, adds convenience, and can help us to save energy. Taking these steps can help your home save even more power.