What are the Average Costs of Moving?

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Moving can be a lot of things… expensive being one of them. In order to reduce the financial constraints of moving, it is advised that you do proper research and get the average cost of moving so you can properly plan and make your budget when you want to move. You may need to get a moving company to help you, and depending on who you hire, this could increase or decrease your cost of moving.

Average Cost of Moving 

The average moving cost depends on a number of factors. Using a moving calculator could help you greatly; several moving companies have moving calculators (we have one recommended below).

The average cost of moving locally often ranges from $500 to $2000. It depends on a number of factors like the size of your house, the distance of the move, the number of properties you have, total belongings, and the extra services you require from the moving company. This could add up to substantial costs. For example the average cost of moving 1000 miles could be up to $5000 if you have a two or three-bedroom apartment and your property does not weigh more than 7500 pounds.

Calculating Moving Cost 

It is easy to wonder how much moving would cost. The best way to get the best estimation of the cost of moving is by getting the moving service you want to use and having them visually inspect your properties and give you an estimate of what it would cost to move your belongings to your desired location. Using a moving calculator is also an option, and it could save you the hassle of booking an appointment and getting the movers to visually inspect your property and give you an estimate. Try a moving calculator to get a general idea of what your moving costs might be, though I still recommend getting estimates from moving companies as well.

TL/DR version is as follows:

Factors to consider

  • Cost of labor. 
  • Extra services like climbing a lot of stairs and packing; 
  • Furniture assembling. 

Factors that affect interstate moving costs

  • Packing service, if used 
  • Size of property. 
  • Storage fees where applicable. 
  • Moving date. 
  • Coverage for liability. 

Ways of reducing the cost of moving 

  • Dispose of your excess property. 
  • Get the help of family and friends when packing. 
  • Choose a cheaper moving date. 
  • Do not be in a hurry.